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Director: Oswaldo Albarracín

Grade Levels: Magister of Theology

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For registrations and registrations communicate by whatsapp to the number +593 98 943 8589 or to the mail admissions@operationecuador.org

Asyncronus courses

We have more than 40 free courses, download the material, study and take the corresponding questionnaires. Study at your own pace.

Free Courses: eqeb.org/cursos2

Online Courses

Zoom courses, at low cost, $10 per course, lasting 8 weeks. At the end of each course you will earn a diploma, these courses count towards a certification, or up to the bachelor’s degree.

Programs & Facilities

We have programs for university students and a suitable place for their activities as a group. Meet us in the house “El Puente”. God bless you

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Learn more about the faculty members by clicking on the link below: Staff

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Vocational program

February 23

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About Us

It is a full-time face-to-face program, dedicated to the study of the Holy Scriptures, service and social help.


You want to study the Bible, but without leaving your occupations, this program is designed for you, you decide the schedule and rhythm that you want to give your classes. We have synchronous and asynchronous classes. 

Women have their space where they learn about Christian ministry, and then teach, either through classes or by example.

Our Vision

To be a national and international benchmark, distinguished by excellence in the training and preparation of workers approved in the knowledge of God through the study of His Word and in the practice of Christian values, to continue preaching the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ

QSOBS Fundation


Av. Colón E3-19 y 9 de Octubre
Quito – Ecuador

School Hours

M-F: 7:30am – 4pm
Weekends: Closed

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Wednesday, December 14

Christmas family lunch

Friday, January 5

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Monday, January 16

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What our students say

Within the religious world we see countless variants of teachings that often conflict with each other and this is mainly due in many cases to a light study and interpretation of the sacred scriptures, but also to little or no spiritual transformation of the being. human. Seeing this reality back in 2010, God put in my heart the desire to prepare myself in a much better way, with the aim of being able to know him in a deeper way, to serve him correctly, that is, in a more biblical and to be transformed by my heavenly Father.

“The time in the QSOBS is a valuable time to grow and acquire tools for the ministry.”

I especially thank the entire group who are part of this beautiful institution, encourage them to continue forward, because I am sure there will be many people who wish to continue learning and knowing more about God. And to those who are part of this prestigious school as students, simply encourage and motivate them to go ahead and complete the training, without fear of anything, that your good God will be with you at all times, and it will be his spirit that drives you to follow the learning, to then share with those who have not yet received the message of the good news. Know that it is vitally important to learn and be guided by the Word.



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Location: Av. Colón E3-19 y 9 de Octubre – Quito

Telephone: +(593) 252-8943

Email: recepcion@operationecuador.org

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm