This December, Christmas is celebrated throughout the world, the EQEB, not unrelated to this celebration, held a Christmas treat on Friday, December 17.

The beginning was in charge of the director, Oswaldo Albarracín, who then proceeded to read some words of encouragement sent by the bro. Joshua Marcum. Council President Jackson Bianconi was in charge of the announcement. The students together with their families had a recreational moment, full of fun, there were games such as: dominoes, basketball, soccer, and for the little ones and not so little ones, the jumper.

In addition, the talent show which left surprises. Anthony Llanga performed a sample of calisthenics, a sport that is his hobby. Also, the birth of Christ was staged, with the participation of the same students, the direction was in charge of Meyri Mena, and the script was written by Andy Quiñaluisa.

The preparation of lunch was in charge of the sisters in charge of the school kitchen: Odila, Rosita and Aurita, as always an exquisite dish, representative of the Ecuadorian highlands.

Candy bags were delivered to all attendees; as well as, the student council was kind enough to distribute among their classmates some Christmas baskets for married couples, surprise gifts for singles.