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Next Graduates 2024

NEXT GRADUATES 2024 Jackson Bianconi, Wilfred Reyes, Yasmín Pambi, Edery Ortiz. Jhonnathan Cando, Juan Guamán, Jesús Mendes, Gabriel Bone

Next Graduates 2023

NEXT GRADUATES 2023 Lucker Olivares, Andy Quiñaluisa, Luis Rioboo. Miguel Álvarez, Edrehy Negrete, César Vásquez, Kevin Salcedo. Julissa Hernández, Jerennis Quiñomes, Meyri Mena, Milanyerla Rodríguez, Betty Mena, Beatriz Rodríguez. Ana Lloay

Evangelistic Trip to Kumanii

March 16-21 the EQEB students and faculty took a trip out to our jungle ministry site, Kumanii. They prepared evangelistic talks, crafts, puppet shows, and other visual interactive dramas to declare the message of God to the various pueblos along the Cayapas River. I was so proud of the way they worked hard in the morning doing physical labor at Kumanii, then washing up to present to at least two villages a day. During moments like this in the field you have a better idea of the group’s assimilation of teaching put into practice. I can proudly say that we have an exceptional assembly of evangelists in the making.


A movie comes to mind which I could see a few years ago, I don’t remember the title, but the story revolves around a man of science who meets the love of his life one night, she suffers an accident that same day, dying . The scientist, obsessed by the love of this lady, creates a machine to go back in time to the day the events occurred, all with the desire to be able to change things and his love does not die. This man completes his work, returns in time, however, everything is useless, because the girl dies again, and that is how she enters a circle of returns, but every time she does it, in one way or another the maiden dies .